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Reviews done by Anders posted up on 10-21-17

Darkfall - "At The End Of Times" - 2017 (Review by Anders Trim The Fat With A Blow-Torch)

Lame. Bit rate at 160 kbps? For review or not - lame. Anything below 320 kbps and the production is very noticeably depreciated. Even at 320 kbps, there's a difference. Far less but still diminished. Afraid of your music being stolen or don't want to pay for a better form of storage/retrieval? You'd think you'd want to present yourselves or your "clients" in the highest fashion possible. Whatever. On to the music. So, far...boring. Kind of basic "Swedish" sounding mild Old School Death Metal laden Thrash. I'm only on track three out of ten tracks (a total of - almost - fifty-four and a half minutes, to this release?). Oh, the potential agony, therein. I like the "symphonic" intros to the first and fourth song, thus far. That said fourth track - titled "Deathcult Debauchery" has a decent "classical" element to it, that I kind of like (guitars). It's not a "flawless" track, however. It has various meandering spots in it that detracts from the "interesting" portions. Can't really salvage this one for my benefit. I like the beginning to the next track ("Ashes Of Dead Gods") but once the vocals come in...nah. If this music was faster and the vocals were replaced by someone like Chuck Billy (of TestAmenT), Glen Benton (of Deicide), or Erik Rutan (of Hate Eternal), I might find it worthwhile. Ugh...puke...the next song, here, to comment on is titled "Blutgott"...that's what it feels like I have, too! I'm starting to get a bad case of "Blutgott" (guts are it gonna come out my mouth or anus? Or both?). Goddamn, this is boring. "At The End Of Times"? What does that even mean? Hopefully, it means "total obliteration" and that there will be no memory of sitting here slowly growing older - exponentially - as this music thuds and flops around in my headphones, like a fresh fish out of water trapped in an hourglass destined to rot and stink up the vicinity. Run-on sentences? Run-on "music". This release has the personality of a wet blanket draped on the shoulders of an Episcopalian. I can't delete this fast enough.

Forged In Black - "Sinner Sanctorum" - 2017 (Review by Anders Ain't Got Time To Breed)

I'm surprised I'm liking this thus far. When I sampled it a few seconds here and there to see if it was gonna be an instant "no thanks", I was "on the fence", to use a cliche phrase. I'm giving it a chance and am pleasantly glad I did. The first song is sort of a slow/mid-paced broodingly powerful track. It reminds me of elements of bands such as Metal Church, Savatage, Flotsam and Jetsam, Trouble, and - maybe - later mid-career Black Sabbath. The second song continues in that way. Really heavy rock stylings. Yeah, this is pretty enjoyable, actually. The tuning of the guitars seems "odd". Like they are down-tuned, slightly, but not in whole and half steps, only. They have a bit of a "sick" and "off kilter" way about them. Though, not in a garbage way. Not like sour milk or anything. Kind of like how Immolation has that "atmospheric" tone/tuning that no one else has, if that makes sense? Maybe, it's subtle overdubs doing it? It, actually, helps to add a unique touch to what could be kind of "basic/standard" structures/presentation overall. Track three has a little bit of Judas Priest type leanings in it. Track four rounds out the consistency of this e.p. I'm not "super stoked" about this offering but I can't say anything negative about it, either. It's a little better than "middle of the road" to me...but, I'll - probably - not listen to it again. I still appreciate it for what it's worth!

Glass Mind - "Dodecaedro" - 2017 (Review by Anders Plagued By Taxidermy)

This is an instrumental album - if you despise instrumental albums, read no further! Or continue reading. I don't care. The first track off this release has heavy elements of Dream Theater, to me. Could be 'cuz that's the most prevalent "Progressive Rock/Metal" band I've enjoyed listening to for decades and I'm familiar with their stylings. The second track is kind of a short piece. Already forgot it. The third track has that Dream Theater element, once again. Not that they have ripped them off...or have they? Either way, this is some fine quality musicianship and presentation. Another short track, next. Track four. Kind of has a Van Halen like drum beat to it. On to the next long track. Over eight minutes on this one. Yeah, anyone who likes Dream Theater should dig this album. Unless they find that it's a little TOO similar? I'm not a complete "fanboy", as it's said, so I don't mind - I guess. One thing that separates these guys from D.T. is these guys don't have any incredible guitar solos (unlike Petrucci). Or ANY guitar solos, for that matter. Just noticed that. Duh! But this is really nice stuff. Oops! Spoke too soon. Guitar solo, here. "Inside the Whale". It's not "incredible"...but it's a solo! Reminds me of someone holding intestines and pretending to play an accordion! Another short "interlude". "Detritus", also has a guitar solo. Nothing special but has a mild flair, to it. Wow...this is total Dream Theater worship, here. 24/7 Dream Theater absorption? Could happen... Second to final track is another short piece. Long, short, long, short... Yep, last track is another longer song. Interesting. Another couple of guitar solos intermingled in there. Did I miss them in the first half of the album? Well. To finish out, here...these muchachos are fantastic musicians! It might be worth finding/exploring/crafting their own "true" style - but I'm not complaining. Good on them.

Gutslit - "Amputheatre" - 2017 (Review by Anders Tugs 'Til Minus The Apostrophe)

This mother of a baboon fucker clocks in at about fifteen seconds shorter than Slayer's - "Reign in Blood" (just as a conversation starter - not that it matters). This is a fast/brutal/creative/fun breath of fresh (fetid?) air, so far! I'm not a "fan" of "pig squeal" vocals but these guys pulled off a short round of those in the middle of "Brazen Bull" that segued into a tasty little guitar solo (in the same octave range!), seamlessly and enjoyably. Let's see if they can keep the momentum of the first real song (track two) throughout. Yep! Some interesting slinky riffs within the hyper-blasts of song three! I'm really liking this so far! Killer solo in "Necktie Party"! They used some interesting panning/mixing choices, on this album. Dynamic! Man, this is unrelenting! Fantastic! Top form...inspired! I should've known these guys would be "sophisticated" musicians when they spell "theatre" like that and not "theater". High quality bludgeoning, fellows! Two thumbs up from me (just don't hack them off before, OR after, I can put them back in my pockets!). This is a fine piece of artistic brutality! I'll listen to this again! Highly recommended if you like fast and frantic music! I give you my approval in your arena with a mallet to the mullet of anyone who disagrees!

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Reviews done by Anders posted on 10-18-17

Annihilation - "The Undivided Wholeness of All Things" (Review By Anders Like Tears In Rain)
So, this album starts off with an over four minute instrumental? That seems pretty bold on their part. It sounds good, for sure. Has sort of a slow Suffocation meets Immolation vibe to it...but not a rip-off of either band. The second song starts off with a slightly peculiar speedy opening, then - transitions into the more mid-paced mesmerizing churning of ghostly vapors and mist - that expounds throughout this release's entirety. A thick swirling fog in a rocky and desolate (yet, paradoxically, alive and vibrant) forest of unknown lands exudes forth. Vocals, now. Deep and somewhat guttural. They rise up, a bit, in pitch - throughout the song - matching, nicely, with the flowing purple darkness of undulating guitars. There's sort of an opaquely ethereal atmosphere overall - with the drums offering varied combinations to keep the concoction alluring and interesting. They, sort of, have a "jazz" type signature to them. It seems like percussion that could've/would've been in/on those great Death albums...and Control Denied if it would've continued (sans Chuck Schuldiner's "premature" passing). Track four ("The Illusion of Space and Time") has some guitar riffing that reminds me of some of the presentation on Hate Eternal's "Conquering the Throne" (though, played at half speed). There's some Morbid Angel "Gateways to Annihilation" reminiscence going on in "Emptiness Defiled". All the songs are rather "slow", really. Almost pensive. Contemplative. But not - at all - boring. They are powerfully demonstrative with many things going on with each instrument - even if just subtly woven. Again, there's a strong Suffocation type presence interlaced in these songs, primarily. "Omniverse", also, has a tinge of Mithras thrown it to add some cosmically eerie spice. I recommend this album to anyone who likes the other bands mentioned and/or to those who want to listen to something intricately heavy in-between sessions of pure blasting - to "take a breather" or "cleanse the palette", so to speak.

Come Back From The Dead - "Caro Data Vermibus" - 2017 (Review by Anders Smelly Whores The Banishment Dew)

So, according to an internet translation device - the title of this e.p. is Latin for "was given to worms". Interesting. Funny! The latter, also, being for the music and concept of this band! Welcome back to 1991! Or 1992! Or 1993! Maybe, 1989, you say? When Death Metal was in its infancy and heralding its point of interest and creativity. Not to mean anything beyond that was and isn't significant, of course. Leaps and bounds, creeps and hounds! "Jinkies and zoinks!" There's just a certain "nostalgia" related to those early years that a lot of "old timers", today, look back at with fondness and irreplaceable certainty of being. This release holds up well as an homage and slightly absurd tongue-in-cheek reverence to those yesterdays of youthful abandonment. It's reminiscent of Entombed and Necrophagia, for the most part, I'd say. Maybe, Unleashed. Maybe, Asphyx. Maybe, early Morgoth. That ilk. The songs, here, are "okay" on their own...nothing "special". Only "endearing" in the sense that the sound/images is/are "retro" without much effort. These guys aren't the Steel Panther of Death Metal. No overt "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" going on here. This e.p. seems like it's for those who were there at the beginning. The days of tape trading. Even the cover art is very much representative of that hey-day (much like the "hey-day of hair spray" in the glam vein). It makes me chuckle in a good way. Though, it seems if these guys are "serious" about what they are doing - it will be intriguing to know where they might go with this. Conceptually? Will it be more about selling t-shirts than music? Novelty? I guess we'll see in another 20 years, if these guys survive and thrive. Though, a lot of us will be literally dead by, how will we know? Enjoy it while you can, I guess. Get a few laughs in, 'cuz you won't get the last laugh - that you can count on!

Jupiterian - "Terraforming" - 2017 (Review by Anders Thought Expansion Is The Key In The Doorway of Transcendence While The Mind Is The Foot In That Said Doorway That Was Unlocked The Whole Time But Imagined Not To Be)
It's really starting to amaze me that the musical flavors I've been tasting, lately - with regard to "old preferences" and "solidified unsubstantiated biases" have no particular hold on "reality" and "truth". For instance, I "never" liked "Doom Metal" and would furl my brow, sneer, and cringe with disgust when that sub-genre was spoken of. Even "Sabbath" was gag worthy, most of the time. Yes, yes...I know. Blasphemy and treachery! How dare I speak in such ways! I've had a couple of "friends" who gravitated toward that side of the spectrum (one of whom also gravitated toward "BBW's" - a.k.a. Fat Fuckin' Barely Human Females). Planetary destruction in double and triple X entendre proportions? Where am I going with this? The weight? The heaviness? The Doooooooooom! Rhymes with woooooooooomb! And tooooooooomb! But not comb. Why? I don't know. And I don't know why I like what I'm hearing right now. This is classified as "Atmospheric Sludge Doom" and I'm fully ensnared and captivated by it. "Stockholm Syndrome"? I think not... I really have no idea. This is some powerful undulating hypnotic soundscapes. Cleverly crafted. I will recommend this to the second "old friend" that I'm still in contact with - if I remember to, that is. I think there would be a rejoicing upon the mountain of fathomless foundations rising above the sea of mediocrity! The cover art says it all.

A new writer is helping out the web-zine {Posted by Patrick}

Just a  quick  note
Gaz  has said it was ok  for  my  friend Anders  to  do  reviews from  time to  time.So  hopefully  he  can  do  a  few  every month.
Keep  watching  the site  it  will be  updated  very  soon

Thanks for  taking the   time to  read  this  post  I  am  posting this  to  introduce  a  new writer  for  this web-zine  his name  is  Anders  and  he  is a  part  of  the  metal/rock band Declared Dead{Check  below  for his bandcamp and  other  sites}  he  has  a  variety  of  influences and favorite genres  so  each  of his  releases  are  different  and  very  original.
I will  be  posting  some  of  Anders reviews  here in a  minute  so  be  sure to  check them  out  and keep  watching the  zine  for more  of Anders  reviews.

Here  are  Declared Dead's  web-sites

Declared  Dead

AND if you  are  a  fan of metal/rock and are looking for something different be sure to download or just listen to his releases.And if you  run a  web-zine or  radio-station  or  show  be  sure to  contact  Anders  about  reviews  or  airplay.

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Hey all, just a heads up to let you know that Ancient Visionz Radio interviews and The Wastelands are on a break atm whilst I recover from a sickness bug. The radio show interviews for October were cancelled and are awaiting rescheduling. Episode One of The Wastelands shall be available soon, and episode 2 will probably be a live edition. 

Reviews are a non starter from my side due to the radio shows and school. I would love to review the many promos I'm sent, but school and the radio shows are the first priority.

If you would like an interview, please request an on air interview. 

Talk to you all soon. Peace, 1.

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Interview with Annihilation done by Patrick posted on 10-12-17

1.Hello  how  are  things  going  with you  these  days?Please introduce  yourself to  the  readers?

Hi Patrick i´m fine thanks, my name is Fábio Da Silva and i´m one of the founders of Annihilation, I play rhythm guitars, i compose and write the lyrics for the band.

2.Annihilation  formed  in  2004   what  gave you  all the idea  to  start this  band?And  what  is  the  current  line-up  of  the  band?

In 2003 I was living in the UK and i was approached by Pedro Monteiro (our 1st drummer) a verygood friend of mine who invited me to a new band he was trying to setup. The idea was doing something on the likes of Morbid Angel, Nile, Behemoth and he asked me if i could play guitar and sing, at that time i had never played a guitar but i liked the idea and decided to buy a guitar. 6 months after buying my 1st guitar i was already composing the first songs for the band and writing lyrics.

At the moment our line up consists on Sofia Silva on Vocals, me on Rhythm guitars, João Corceiro on Lead Guitars, Tiago Felizardo on Bass and Ita dos Santos on drums

3.Who  would you  say are  the bands  biggest  influences?

Well that is king of hard to describe since i listen to a lot of music, and not just Metal music, but i guess that Gorguts and Ulcerate were a major influence when i start writing the songs for "The Undivided Wholeness Of All Things"

4.Nice To Eat You Rec.  will be releasing your  second  cd  how  did you and the band come in  contact  with this  label?

It was due to a friend,Leopoldine Kalch whoe knew that we were looking for a label to release our latest album, she asked me to contact Vladimír Prokoš (Fleshless) the owner of Nice To Eat You Rec. and to send him our songs.

5.How  long  did  it  take the band  to  write the music for  The Undivided Wholeness Of All Things ?Does  the  whole band  work on the music or does one member  usually  write  everything?

The rhythm guitar parts were written pretty fast, around 4 months or so. Basically i write all my guitar parts and show them to the band, we then start  with an idea for were should the solos, melodies and dissonant guitar parts should be applied and song by song our drummer starts applying his drum parts. 
The material for the lyrics were developed even before the songs were created, since i read a lot of stuff i like to "store" some ideas for lyrics, so when the time came all the lyrics were already defined, it was just a matter of developing the song structure and vocals patterns to fit what was already written.

6.Besides  the upcoming release The Undivided Wholeness Of All Things  does the band  have  any  copies of the debut  release  still available?Besides  physical releases  does the band have  any other merchandise  available if  yes what  is  available and  where can the  readers buy  it?

Actually we still have some physical copies from our first album "Against The Storm" those who are interested can contact us directly at our Facebook Page or by email at
As for merch we will have it on the upcoming months and we will release all the designs at our Facebook page.

7.I  know Portugal  has a strong thrash,black metal scene  but  what  is the  brutal  death metal scene  like?

We have some pretty solid brutal death metal bands like Grog, Bleeding Display, The Ominous Circle and Colosso that are causing some fuss on the underground in Portugal and also abroad.

8.Who  are your  all-time favorite  Portugese  bands?And  are their  any new upcoming bands you  feel the  readers  should watch  out for?

I recommend The Ominous Circle, Colosso, Grog, Concealment, Wells Valley, whom are all also my favourite Portuguese bands

9.Besides bands are their any honest and reliable labels or distro's  in Portugal  that you  could  recommend?

There a few labels that i could recommend Raging Planet and Helldprod are in the "business" for quite sometime now and they also have a solid rooster.

10.Besides brutal  death metal do you or any of the band members listen to  any other forms of underground  music?

We all listen to different stuff, I for instance listen to a lot of electronic music, chillout, stoner, psychedelic rock and other genres of music too.

11.When  not  working on  new music or  band  business  what do you  enjoy  doing in your  free time?

Going to the beach almost everyday to listen to music and read.

12.Other  then  music we  are huge movie fans here  do you  like watching  movies?What  are  some  of your  all-time  favorite  movies?

I do enjoy watching movies too, some of my favorites and also that inspired me are The Fountain, Enter The Void, and Baraka just to name a few.

13.Who  are  some  of your  favorite  actresses  and  actors?

Robert De Niro, Anthony Hopkins, Jake Gyllenhaal Keanu Reeves, Nicole Kidman, Monica Belluci, just to name a few.

14.Thank you  for  taking  the  time to  fill this  interview  out  do you  have  any  final  comments  for the  readers?

I would like to thank all of our fans and those who have been supporting us throughout the years, keep spreading our name out there and our music that´s all that we want! 

Thank you Patrick for giving us the opportunity of this interview!

                                                                                           Band  Contacts
                                                                                            Label  Contacts

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Peace everyone, all radio show interviews are being rescheduled. Full details soon when details are finalised, but hopefully not to much of a change to the roster.

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Interview  with  Imperialist  done  by  Patrick posted on 10-4-17

Interview  with  Imperialist  done  by  Patrick

1.Hello please introduce  yourself  to the  readers?

My name is Rodney, I'm the drummer for Imperialist. 

2.Imperialist was formed  in 2013 when  did you  first get the idea  to  start this  band?And how  did you  all choose Imperialist as the name of  the  band? 

Sergio had been brewing an idea for metal band for ages. He asked me if I wanted to drum on his project at show. The name is rather obscure but it is a reference to one of our favorite games. We'll leave that to be guessed. 

3.Who would you say  are  the  bands  biggest  influences? 

We all have many influences but my personal flavors are in the likes of Moonsorrow, Emperor, Dissection, Immortal to name a few. 

4.Cipher  is the band  debut full length  how long  did it  take  the  band to  write  the music for this  release? 

Music for the album was conceived maybe a year prior with the exception of Umbra Tempest. We sorta got to work on each song before they were finished respectively. 

5.Who  usually  takes care  of  writing  the  lyrics ?The  band  seems to  draw inspiration from science fiction when  did you  become interested in writing about  science fiction? 

Sergio handles the lyrics. We're all inspired by science fiction and science fact. Space is probably the most terrifying and awesome thing in all forms of platforms. 

6.I  believe  Cipher  is  a   digital  release are  their  any  plans  to do  a physical  release one day? 

Yes, it will be out in hard copy. Preorders will most likely be available with a bundled shirt. 

7.Besides  the  Cipher  release  does the band have  any  other releases or merchandise  available for the readers?If  yes  what  is  available and where can the readers  buy  it? 

Tons of merch available on our bandcamp! as well as new merchandise getting revealed as we get closer to the release of cipher.

8.Does   Imperialisplay  live  very often If  yes what  have  been  some of the bands most memorable  shows  so  far? 

We played up to 3 shows a month during our first year new to the local scene, but we have limited ourselves leading up to our release for cipher to about once a month.  As far as memorable shows go, we opened for Necronomicon in 2015, and the guys asked to speak to us after our set, in which they then praised us for our performance and sound while wearing our shirts. That was truly humbling and great knowing that such an established band felt that way about us.

 9.Are their  any  shows  or  small tours  coming up in  support  of  Cipher  if  yes  where will the band  be  playing?

We will be planning a release show but that's TBD at the moment. Keep an eye out for it on our media pages! 

10.As  mentioned  earlier the band  draws influences  from Science Fiction  when  did you  become  interested  in  watching  and reading Science Fiction books?

I began early; elementary school I would say. My foot in the door was Star Wars. 

11.What  are  some  of your all-time  favorite  science fiction  movies?And  do you  have  any  favorite  any  favorite  actresses and  actors you  like to  watch?

Star Wars, Aliens, Predators. The list is gigantic to be honest. I'm a big fan of Harrison Ford. 

 12.And  do you  have  any  favorite  science fiction  authors  and  books?

Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep. Such a mind blowing book! 

13.Besides  working in   Imperialist do you  or  any of the  members  currently  play in  any other  bands?

Negative. I prefer to focus on one project at a time.

14.Thank you  for taking the  time to  fill this  interview  out  do you have  any  final  words for the readers?

We hope you guys enjoy the new music. Come out to a show and support your local scene. 

                                    Band  Contacts

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Ancient Visionz Radio Episode, Saturday, 30th September, with guest Jeff from American Wrecking Company. 
This was an epic show covering so much ground within metal, sci-fi, movies, and more! 

Huge shout and thanks to Jeff, American Wrecking Company, Clawhammer PR, & Pavement Music.

Topics included: American Wrecking Company, American Wrecking Company's Latest Album 'Everything and Nothing', Writing & Recording Music, Tours, Live Shows, Music, Song Writing, Metal Merchandise, Metal, Metal Festivals, Pavement Music, Predator Movies, Predator Comics, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi Movies, Horror Movies, Movies.